Contact the Club

  • Do you own or manage a property in the city of Trenton NJ that you think would be interesting to see through the eyes of the Trenton Photo Club?
  • Do you have a public event in the city that you think we would like to document?
  • Do you curate gallery space and want to host a show?


  • Capital
  • Photo Club Tour
  • Stacy Park Tour
  • Mill Hill Holiday Photo Tour
  • Art All Night


Thank you for your interest in having the club come visit your facility/event. We are an organization containing hundreds of talented photographers each with their own style. A visit and the resulting image posts to social media can and has been proven to be a very valuable marketing tool. By having the club to your facility/event you agree to the following conditions:

  • You have the legal right to have the club at the facility/event. The club does not condone trespassing for the intent of photography.
  • All pictures used by you or your organization must be done so with proper credit to the photographer and/or his/her business as well as photographer permission. Proper credit includes original photo watermarks and/or “Photo by” credit in marketing copy.
  • Photographers retain ownership of all their images and may chose to market them in any way they deem appropriate. 
  • Images may not be sold without full consent and knowledge of the original photographer. 
  • The Trenton Photo Club makes no guarantees as to the number of attendees or the media value of their images. While our meetups are normally very well attended last minute requests may have smaller turnouts.