Photo by Jacque Howard Aka Amans Brindled

Photo by Jacque Howard Aka Amans Brindled

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership in the club cost? 

The club is absolutely free to join. Some of our photo walks and events may take place at venues which charge admission fees or ask for donations but the club itself does not take any fee from it’s members.

Where and when are your meetings? 

The club has a membership of over 500 photographers. Having regular club meetings would be costly and a scheduling nightmare. In order to keep the club free for all members we take advantage of the networking capabilities of social media. We don’t have meetings because we don’t need to. Have a suggestion? Need some advice? Selling something? Looking to buy something? Post it to our Facebook page. Have a concern or suggestion that you want to send to us directly? Email us at Many of our members have busy schedules that would not allow them to consistently attend traditional meetings. 


Why can’t I post pictures on  the Facebook Page that aren’t shot in Trenton NJ?

There are plenty of other groups in which to share that amazing shot of Times Square. Our Facebook Page is for Trenton Pictures only. Driving through Trenton on the way to the shoot doesn’t count. You living in Trenton doesn’t count. Your model once living in Trenton doesn’t count. Trenton NJ must be in the picture. We will delete posts that don’t conform to these rules. This club was created to share the the great photographic opportunities that this city provides. Allowing pictures taken elsewhere would quickly sidetrack the true meaning of the club. 

What can I expect as a member of the club? 

You’ll be invited to various meet ups, photo walks & bike tours that will take place in and around Trenton. The club has had about a dozen photo walks to date. We have visited various sites in the city often getting access to areas that are not normally open to the general public. You will also be invited to submit to Photo Club gallery shows. We have had several shows already with more currently booked for the future. 

I saw some cool photos posted by your members. Can I download them and use them?

All photos posted by club members remain the property of those members. We encourage members to take legal action against anyone stealing their property. That said many members are happy to share their work if asked before hand. We are all here to spread the beauty of Trenton and if that is your goal then we will support you with images. 

Are Trenton Photo Club events always in the city?

Most of them are but in 2017 we launched a new idea that we call Field Trips. Up until that point the Trenton Photo Club had been dedicated to sharing pictures of Trenton and hosting meet-ups, tours and photo walks in the city. These outings were so much fun and spawned so many friendships that some of our members asked about doing things as a group that are outside of the city. To fulfill those requests we added “Field Trips” to our event outings. Our guided walks and tours continue to stay within the city. “Field Trips” are less formal outings that take place outside of the city.  

I just joined the club. Will you get me photography jobs and make me famous?

This is the Trenton Photo Club not the Trenton Photographers Union. You are not paying dues for us to represent you. The focus is on Trenton not on any one photographer. If you get work through your posts in the club or your participation in any of our shows then that’s great but that is not the intent of the club or the reason for its existence. We are a group of people who like to take and look at images that show the beauty in our city. That is it. 

I was just contacted by the Trenton Photo Club for press passes, to have a show, to document an event. Is it really you?

Since the clubs inception all gallery shows, meetups, location tours, event coverage, and field trips have been coordinated through Chris Marinari. All official TPC actions go through him.