Trenton Photo Club Member Spotlight


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 Desi D.


Why I do photography?

Photography allows me to slow down, enjoy and appreciate my surroundings. Because of my camera , I get to meet new interesting people, go to new places and learn many things. For me, its an art form which gives me the freedom to be creative and excel to be better at something I love to do. 

What type of photography I like to shoot? What style?

I mainly shoot street photography, candid,  landscapes, cityscapes, street portraits. and night-long exposure. Right now, I am trying to push myself into more street portraits.  

My style would be low angle shots. Close shots and interact with people Usually with a 50mm or wide angle lens. I love to play shadows and lighting to capture certain mood. 

What do I shoot with?

I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Canon EOS 6D Mark I. Lens: Canon 50MM, 85MM, 24-105MM and 17-40MM. 

Favorite place to shoot?


Favorite place to shoot would be in New York City, Amsterdam, and Paris. Mainly in cities and dense populated areas. 

Who inspires you to do photography?


Fan Ho, Bruce Gilden, Steve McCurry, Fred Herzog, and Saul Leiter. 

Instagram: @dez______d (6 underscores)